Significance of Machine Learning & Data Science in MBA Program

Today’s world runs on innovation, technology and data. The constant need to analyse and adapt the methods of communication, customer-driven models and manufacturing processes require a lot of data and dynamic solutions for quicker and more efficient functioning. That’s where data science and machine learning comes into the picture.

Taking innovations and development of technology into consideration, it all starts with data and is dependent on it. And since trading and business has become global now, data (for analysis and application) from all platforms need to be accessed predominantly to form strategies, better management and application.

Before we move to the significance, let’s understand briefly what is data science and machine learning.

Data Science – It is the field of study that extracts meaningful insights from data with the help of programming skills, mathematics and statistics knowledge, mining, etc. This is helpful for providing large chunks of information or data to make informed decisions.

Machine Learning – In simpler terms, it is a method to analyse, learn, adapt and draw inferences about particular topics based on the pattern of data, by computer systems. They use algorithms and statistical models to improve the output every time.

Why is it important to include machine learning and data science in an MBA program? Take a look at some of the key pointers:

1. The next upcoming industry
Machine learning and Data Science are one of the emerging and most sought-after subjects currently. As it is known to give better insights to draw inferences related to any or all topics, it has helped professionals in coming up with intelligent solutions which uplift the quality of living and functioning. And needless to say, the career opportunities for graduates in Data Science and Machine learning are immense.

2. Helps in fast and informed decision making
Big data analytics, use of software and algorithms helps in giving enhanced insights into domains like sales, customer behaviour, marketing, manufacturing, finance, etc. This enables the managers to make quick decision making on all levels and process automation.

3. Scope in international level
When it comes to technology, countries all around the world are having a major competition to come up with solutions and advancements in Data Science and Machine Learning to simplify processes. Therefore, career opportunities are not geographically restricted and one would have an interesting job profile with challenges in terms of software and creating solutions.

4. Expand skill set
An MBA graduate would be trained to become an expert in management, to expand business acumen, and sharpen business skills. An added advantage for MBA graduates who have specialised in Data Science and Machine Learning is that they have an upperhand in management, technology and data analysis to unlock a different level in career.

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