How to tackle the “Why MBA?” question

Deciding to pursue an MBA is backed by innumerable reasons and purposes. It could either be a continuation post completing an undergraduate degree, for a boost in career, to get better and promising career opportunities, and above all as an extra qualification. Employers expect their prospective employees to be skilled and knowledgeable in multiple aspects and hence, they seek candidates who are MBA holders for managerial/leadership roles.

All that said, we are well aware of the MBA selection process and the amount of preparation that goes behind to get everything right. The one question that is frequently asked and that one question which makes or may break the deal is “Why MBA?”. Your answer to this question must be thoughtfully built so as to give them reasons why you did not want to pursue any other high in demand programs and thereby create a positive impact in the eyes of your evaluator.

What are the key points to consider while thinking of a reply to that question? And why is an MBA program considered to be a catalyst for career boost? Take a look:

  1. An MBA is your one-stop destination for an overall growth, refining process and a way to explore a multitude of opportunities, subjects and even execute plenty of ideas. It helps in doing a self introspection in terms of personal and professional matters.
  2. Developing managerial, leadership, communication and a lot more skills. It helps us make informed and unbiased decisions which would indirectly raise our efficiency and performance.
  3. Become diverse in not just one subject but many. An MBA degree covers subjects starting from finance and accountancy to communication and management. It also gives you an option to specialise in a particular subject, a topic of your interest.
  4. It develops a holistic understanding of a business/organization as MBA students are exposed to theoretical and practical application of various business activities.
  5. It gives you a chance to do a test-run of your dream establishment. Yes, you heard it right! Most of the MBA programs let you work on your own dream project as a part of completing your degree. This gives you hands-on experience on a real project and lets you point out the various pros and cons of the same.

Now that you know how an MBA degree can impact you personally and professionally, let’s take a look at how you can answer the question “Why MBA” in the most beneficial manner. Here are the key pointers to note when you are answering the question:

  • Honesty: Be cent percent honest while making your statement as this would create an impression about you and your personality which again becomes a factor for going ahead with application.
  • Personalize: Be clear about your career goals and how an MBA program can help in fulfilling your career goals. Your ambition and passion would never go unrecognized.
  • Multiple factors: Convincing your evaluators that this program isn’t like any other educational qualification goes a long way. This can be done by giving them various reasons to apply for the program like personal & professional growth and how you perceive this as a primary option for the same.

Pen down thoughts about your career, reasons you wanted to pursue an MBA degree, purpose of studying MBA and what’s in store for you post completing the program. This will give you more clarity and will help you come up with the best possible reply!

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